WaKap Seminar in Tra Vinh

On 07 November the WaKap team met with politicians, water industry representatives and businessman in Tra Vinh to talk about the water challenges of Vietnam and the problematics that the Province of Tra Vinh is facing: seawater intrusion and high salinity groundwater.

Photo 08.11.18, 04 16 19.jpg

The WaKap technologies were presented and we discussed our concepts to find and meet solutions to these problems.

The seminar was reported on loval T.V. news. You can find the reportage on minute 08:30 at following link: http://travinhtv.vn/thtv/media/cmeptv/AV/9216/17/1/view.html

Furthermore, we visited the two pilot plants sites that installed in the Mekong Delta Region, one of them in Tra Vinh, and the other in the An Giang Province.

1st Pilot plant WaKap: Subsurface arsenic and iron removal
1st WaKap Pilot plant in An Giang: Subsurface arsenic and iron removal
Wind turbine in 2nd pilot plant site in Tra Vinh
Wind turbine in 2nd pilot plant site in Tra Vinh


You can find more pictures on: Fotos: Pilot plants Vietnam

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