Vietnam Water Week – VACI 2019

Vietnam International Water Week – VACI2019 (March 22 – 25, 2019)

On March 22 – 23, the WaKap team held a workshop-seminar during VACI2019 in Hanoi giving an insight on our sustainable concept for arsenic treatment and water desalination.

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In the HIW session „Modular concept for sustainable treatment of arsenic affected and saline groundwater in Vietnam – Wakap“ we presented the final results of our project, including the results of the two pilot plants in An Giang and Tra vinh, the sustainability assessment tools and in overall the lessons learned throughout the project for a sucessfull project implementation in the water sector.

Furthermore, with our exhibition booth we were able to increase our exposure and presence at the Exhibition Hall, making some interesting acquaintances with experts in the water sector, fellow scientists and researchers as well as polititians and other representatives. 


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