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  • Luong, V.T., Cañas Kurz, E.E., Hellriegel, U., Tran, L.L., Hoinkis, J., Bundschuh, J., (2018). Iron-based subsurface arsenic removal technologies by aeration: A review of the current state and future prospects. Water Res. 133, 110-122,

  • Cañas Kurz, E.E., Luong, V.T., Hellriegel, U., Leidinger, F., Luu, T.L., Bundschuh, J., Hoinkis, J. (2020) Iron-based subsurface arsenic removal (SAR): Results of a long-term pilot-scale testing in Vietnam. Water Res. 181, 115929

  • Cañas Kurz, E.E., Hellriegel, U., Luong V.T., Bundschuh, J., Hoinkis, J. (2020) Selective ion adsorption with pilot-scale membrane capacitive deionization (MCDI): Arsenic, ammonium and manganese removal. Desalin Water Treat.,198, 163-169

  • Hellriegel, U.; Cañas Kurz, E.E.;Molla, M.A.I.; Islam R.; Figoli A.; Gabriele B.; Hoinkis J. (2020) ENERGY EFFICIENT DESALINATION WITH MEMBRANE CAPACITIVE DEIONIZATION (MCDI). Int. Water Treat. J. 10 (1) 13-17

  • Hellriegel, U., Cañas Kurz, E.E., Luong V.T., Bundschuh, J., Hoinkis, J. (2020) Modular treatment of arsenic laden brackish groundwater by use of solar powered capacitive deionization (CDI) in Vietnam. J Water Reuse Desal. XX (in press 2020)

  • Fritz, M., Hohmann, C., Tettenborn, F. (2020) Framework conditions to design sustainable business models for decentralised water treatment technologies in Viet Nam for international technology providers. J Water Reuse Desal. XX (in press 2020)

  • Wencki, K., Thöne. V., Ante, A., Hogen, T., Hohmann, C., Tettenborn, T., Pohl, D., Preiss, P., Jungfer, C. (2020) Approaches for the evaluation of future-oriented technologies and concepts in the field of water reuse and desalination. J Water Reuse Desal. XX (in press 2020) 

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